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Heartworms in Dogs

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One of the most common diseases that your canine friend is prone to having is the heartworms in dogs. This disease usually comes from mosquitoes that are infested by heartworms. For those who are living in places where mosquitoes are prevalent, especially at night, you should be looking for ways to prevent your dogs from suffering from it.

When your dog gets bitten by a mosquito carrying heartworm, the parasite will be infecting the bloodstream of the dog and attaching itself to the organs, particularly the heart. Once the parasite gets to attach itself along the walls of the heart, it will start to multiply, which can cause several health problems to your dog. If this is not treated immediately, death will be certain.

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If your pet in infected by heartworms in dogs, it will usually display symptoms of heartworms in dogs. The first sign that you should be looking for is whether your dog is coughing. Since the parasite lodges itself along the heart, its pulmonary tract will be severely affected. Chest pains and even hemoptysis are other symptoms as well so you should look into them as well.

Heartworms in dogs can be quite difficult to detect even by a veterinarian since the symptoms resembles other common diseases. This type of parasite usually affects the internal organs and no physical symptoms are to be found, that is why it is hard to determine whether your dog is infected by one. Studies have shown that there are large numbers of dogs who suffered from this type of parasite and since their owners are not aware of the risks of this disease, their dogs usually die.

However, you shouldn't worry too much since this type of disease is only seasonal. There are ways for you to prevent it from occurring in the first place such as having your dog vaccinated beforehand or giving oral medication. The usual medications for heartworms in dogs are Lufenuron, Selamectin, and Ivermectin. You should always see to it that you provide for the well-being your dogs of and that the environment around it is clean all the time.

Don't let those mosquitoes get the best of your dog. Start protecting your canine friend from parasite-ridden mosquitoes and see to it that your pet will stay healthy all the time. Inquire about the best methods that you can use to keep your dog safe from any diseases.


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